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A community of lifestyle entrepreneurs growing their businesses and creating happier relationships.

Founders Connect Inner Circle

If you want to

travel quickly, go alone.
If you want to
travel far, go with a group.
- African proverb

What we believe...

Is your relationship


Approximately 45% of marriages end up in divorce and 

65 % of all startups fail due to founder conflicts.

Don’t let yours be one of them.

What you access by joining...

1. Our private support community - of like-minded and purpose-driven Entrepreneurs, Makers, and Side Hustlers. We’re all there to share, push, and support each other to achieve better results. 

2. Personal and group accountability – Share your 30/60/90 day goals, and then update your weekly progress log where other members can make comments and suggestions to help you stay on track and achieve those goals.

3. Monthly group Live Q&A "Hotseat" coaching call – you get a chance to be on the “hot seat” and ask any business or relationship question and get answers right away. These will be recorded so you can catch the replay in your own time too.  

4. Our exclusive Online Training Courses (coming soon) - step-by-step video training that will help you build (or improve) your online marketing and sales system. The end goal? Simplify your marketing, free up your time to focus on the things only you can do, grow your brand, attract better clients, and make more money.

This group is for you if...

✅ You're running a business full-time, or you have a day job and are working on a side hustle.

✅ You're in need of help building your profile and influence, clarifying your ideal customer and reaching them online.

✅ You're in a committed relationship (or desire to be in one)

✅ You're making a minimum of $2,000 per month from your business, your job, or a combination of both. (We have a financial requirement in order to ensure that when you join, you're surrounded by similar entrepreneurs who totally get where you're at).

✅ You're a Do-er who favors growth and taking action over being perfect
(we're all about taking imperfect action!)

✅ You're open to being coached, listening to feedback, doing the deep work required to shift your limiting beliefs, and implementing suggestions quickly in order to grow faster
(i.e. you understand that "what got you here, won't get you there")

✅ You're open to sharing ideas, challenges, successes, and experiences as soon as they come up so others can learn with you

✅ You move towards discomfort as you understand that it's temporary and that it's a necessary path to growth and transformation

✅ You hold yourself accountable whilst being open to getting some loving nudges from the community at the same time
(You're very clear that you need to show up for you before anyone else ever will)

✅ You're committed to showing up, checking in, and engaging with the community at least 2x per week

Meet Your Facilitators

Cindy Pham [Relationships Advisor]

Anfernee Chansamooth [Business Advisor]

We’re two crazy entrepreneur-type kids who love to travel and explore the roads less travelled in life, relationship, entrepreneurship and sustainable living.

Cindy’s background is in corporate finance and training. She previously ran her own family business – a dessert cafe in Potts Point, Sydney. Combined with the fact that she’s the eldest amongst 5 siblings, she’s well trained in working with different types of relationships.

Anf’s background is in marketing and project management. After a traumatic brain surgery experience in 2006, Anfernee packed up his wealth of experience in the corporate IT sector to pursue and create a life of meaningful contribution.

Together, Cindy and Anf built an outsourced content writing and digital marketing strategy service serving international clients. At its peak, the remote team grew to 8 members, including writers, editors, and virtual assistant.

Anf has trained 1,000+ business leaders across 14 countries, has appeared on Network Ten Australia, spoken at TEDxTelstraSydney, and appeared in Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Inc.

In 2012 he also launched Design For Change Laos, a volunteer-driven program that empowered 200+ students in Laos with the "I Can" mindset, and the belief that children do not need permission to make the world a better place.

We’re excited to help couples like us work through the challenges of entrepreneurship and marriage.

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